Our Workshop

Our on-site workshop is home to a team of over 20 expert craftspeople. Our skilled team work closely together to bring Collins creations to life.


Servicing & Repairs

We undertake all types of jewellery repairs and care. Your item will never leave the premises – ensuring not just its safety and security, but that only we will ever work on it.

To discuss or book a repair or service, please contact us.



Restoring antique and vintage jewellery is a particular area of our expertise. Our in-house team includes some of the most talented jewellers in the country, many of whom have worked on famous and historic jewellery collections.


Bespoke Design & Personalisation

Whether you wish to personalise or adapt an existing piece from our collection, or wish to commission your own piece of unique jewellery, our in-house experts are here to create your vision.

Supporting The Future Generation

G. Collins & Sons are proud to be supporting and leading the future of handcrafting through the training of young individuals who work alongside and are mentored by master goldsmiths, who have decades of experience, including working on the Crown Jewels and Her Majesty The Queen's personal collection. Such mentorship not only preserves traditional craftsmanship, but also ensures the transfer of valuable skills and knowledge to the next generation of our craftspeople.  

By investing in the training and development of young artisans, G. Collins & Sons is contributing to the continuity of hand craftsmanship and helping these individuals build a strong foundation for their careers. This approach not only preserves the artistry and expertise within the industry but also fosters a sense of pride and tradition.